Availability & Rates:


⛴ In most cruise companies, the pricing policy depends on the booking time, occupancy, and the cabin category you choose (interior, exterior, balcony, suite).

⛴ The general rule is that as a departure fills up, the price increases (80 to 90% of cases), while conversely, if a departure doesn’t show progress in terms of reservations, the chances of a discount increase (10 to 20% of cases).

⛴ There are often cases of last-month offers when there are vacancies, where someone can take advantage of lower prices in some cabin categories. However, this option carries some risk if there are still vacancies, as it may indicate a less popular departure.

⛴ In any case, when you make a deposit for a cruise, your price is automatically locked in. This means that whether the price goes up or down, you will travel at the price you knew and for which you made the deposit and/or payment.

⛴ In the following link, you will be redirected to a foreign website from a European country (Germany) to see prices and availability for the cruise you liked after exploring our site with Celebrity Cruises or Costa Cruises or NCL (Norwegian Cruise Line) or Royal Caribbean Cruises.

⛴ It is extremely important to note that in some departures, the prices you see online may differ slightly from the prices we have in the Greek market, as many companies apply a system of local offers that cannot be reserved in another market. In any case, this site is excellent, and you will get a very good idea of prices and availability for the cruise you selected. Once you finish your research, we are at your disposal to inform you about the prices applicable in the Greek market and proceed with a reservation.

⛴ The final decision on when to make the reservation is yours!

Before clicking on ONLINE, make sure you have fully read all the text on this page.
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